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Programme features

Keynote Lectures

Three keynote plenary speakers will deliver the Keynote Opening Lecture, the ABC2023 Keynote Plenary Lecture and the ABC2023 Summary & Perspective Lecture.

Main Plenary Lectures

Plenary lectures will be delivered in morning sessions between 8.30 AM and 12.15 afternoon in 5 main daily Symposia with a total of 20 plenary lectures of 35 minutes each (35 min plus 10 discussion). The chairs will introduce the symposia in 15 minutes talks.

Selected Short Talks & Workshop Talks

To give young scientists ample exposure to the field, we have introduced a new format for afternoon sessions. One session is reserved for 5 workshop talks (WS) by newly appointed junior faculty (under 5 years).
One session will encompass 5 workshop talks (WS) by senior investigators to provide room for late-breaking stories. The main organizers will select all talks (24 in total) from submitted abstracts. The talks by senior investigators provide an avenue to display late-breaking hot developments in the field.

Two sessions will be entirely reserved for 14 short talks (ST) of 15 (12+3) minutes by PhD students and postdoctoral fellows to be selected from submitted abstracts. This is an ideal forum for high quality young researchers to showcase their beginning research careers and introduce themselves to the field.

Poster Bullets Session

We will again have the well-received Poster Bullets of THREE MINUTE short oral talks by selected 30 PhD / Postdocs based on their submitted abstracts to present their poster data to the all participants.


Two extended evening Poster Sessions represent a vital part of the ABC2023. All abstracts not selected for an oral presentation will be on display as posters during the entire meeting to give ample opportunity for discussions during two evening poster sessions lasting more than 4 hours each.

Young Scientist Career Dinner

One evening will be devoted to a seated dinner involving eminent invited speakers attending ABC2023. Some 8-10 young scientists can choose to share the dinner table with eminent leaders to discuss career, mentoring and ever-relevant gender issues in science in an informal atmosphere.

ABC2023 Young Investigator Awards

All abstracts submitted by students/postdocs as first authors will be subject to evaluation by both selected SAB members and students. The presenting authors of 6 abstracts (3 short talks, 3 posters) with the highest scientific merit will receive an "ABC2023 Young Investigators Award" during the closing ceremony.

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